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Wigwag Flat Heat Press Machine

Name:Wigwag Flat Heat Press Machine


Voltage: 110V/ 220V


Time: 0-999 seconds

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5%


Item No:JMY-1/JMY-2

Wigwag Flat Heat Press Machine


1. Select your favorite photo/picture from your computer.

2. Print it out onto Sublimation paper by common Epson inkjet printer.

3. Sublimation ink prepared.

4. Stick the paper with photo on the item surface by heat resistant tape.

5. Set temperature and time moderately on the heat press machine.

6. Enjoy your personal designed objects!

How to use

1. You need to prepare one digital printer which could use our heat press transfer ink, heat press transfer paper, sublimation blanks, heat press tape.

2.Print picture you like on the heat press paper, please note, it's mirror printing.

3.Stick the paper on the sublimation blanks with heat press tape.

4.Put the mug in the machine, turn on the machine. When it's ok, there will have a sound to remind you.

5.Pear the paper when the sublimation blanks is cool, then you will got one perfect personality products.

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