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Cartridge Chip for Canon PGI-150 CLI-151
Cartridge Chip for Canon PGI-150 CLI-151

Cartridge Chip for Canon PGI-150 CLI-151 

We have chips for below models:

4 colors & 5 cartridges PGI-150BK, CLI-151 BK/C/M/Y                          (South America) MG 5510/ MG5410/ MG 5310/ MG 6410 /MG 6310/ MG 6210/ MX721/ MX921 /IP7210/ IX 6810
PGI-250BK, CLI-251 BK/C/M/Y                          (North America) Pixma MG5420/ MX722 /MX922 /IP7220
PGI-350BK, CLI-351 BK/C/M/Y                          (Japan) Pixma IP7230/ MG5430
PGI-450BK, CLI-451 BK/C/M/Y                           PIXMA MG5440/MG6340/ PIXMA IP7240
PGI-550BK, CLI-551 BK/C/M/Y                          (Europe) Pixma IP7250/ MG5450/ MX925
PGI-650BK, CLI-651 BK/C/M/Y                           Pixma IP7260/ MG5460
PGI-750BK, CLI-751 BK/C/M/Y                           Pixma IP7270/ MG5470/ MX727
PGI-850BK, CLI-851 BK/C/M/Y                           Pixma IP7280/ MG5480/ MX728/ MX928 
5 colors & 6 cartridges PGI-150BK, CLI-151 BK/C/M/Y/GY                    (South America) Pixma MG6310
PGI-250BK, CLI-251 BK/C/M/Y/GY             (North America) Pixma MG6320
PGI-350BK, CLI-351 BK/C/M/Y/GY(Japan) Pixus MG6330
PGI-450BK, CLI-451 BK/C/M/Y/GY                           Pixus MG6340
PGI-550BK, CLI-551 BK/C/M/Y/GY (Europe) Pixus MG6350
PGI-650BK, CLI-651 BK/C/M/Y/GY                           Pixus MG6360
PGI-750BK, CLI-751 BK/C/M/Y/GY                           Pixus MG6370
PGI-850BK, CLI-851 BK/C/M/Y/GY                           Pixus MG6380

Chip Auto reset chip/ One time chip
MOQ 1 set

1.Sample order is acceptable

2.Comptetitive price

3.100% compatible test

4.Fast shipping

5.Excellent after service

6.Delivery goods ontime

7.Professional R & D department

8.HQ 40' container order will finished within 35 working days


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