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PVC Card Tray for Canon Printer
PVC Card Tray for Canon Printer

PVC Card Tray for Canon Printer  


PVC Card Tray:

1.Works on the Canon/Epson printer

2.The tray fits standard pvc cards

3.There are slots for 2 cards to be printed at the same time


Professional producing the inkjet pvc card that could be printed by inkjet Epson printer and Canon Printer with ID card trays.

Our inkjet pvc card are absorb the normal dye ink and pigment ink,they are golssy and waterproof.

Use for :

PVC card Tray use on Epson R270,R280,R285,R290, R380,R390, Rx680, T50 ,T60, A50, P50 printer
PVC card Tray

use on Epson R200,R210,R220,R230,R260,R265, R300,R310,R320,R350 printer

PVC card Tray

use on Canon ip4980,ip4600,ip4700,ip4810,




MG8120,MG8140,MG8150 and ect.

Process :

Use this tray in place of your CD/DVD on these printers: Epson printer and Canon printer.
There are slots for 2 cards to be printed at the same time. You can print any ID card you can imagine or create!
Print ID cards for your company or organization. Way cheaper than thermal printers!

The tray fits standard pvc cards,
but make sure you only use special inkjet PVC cards. These are special blank cards made for Inkjet printing and make your ID's look great! See our other items to get these cards. 

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